Friday, 10 August 2012


A couple of months ago, a guy on my work team quit, and I needed to quickly recruit a replacement. Not that that was a challenge in itself, but it did involve sifting through a number of CVs. Which again was not at all an unpleasant task, especially since I didn't have to wade through a bunch of meaningless profiles before I'd even scratch the surface, never mind about hitting gold. And so I plodded on.

Imagine you're putting together your résumé. Why in the world would you say that your hobbies and interests include surfing the Internet?! Okay, given that I'm writing on an online platform, and you're reading on one as well, dissing the Internet is not where I'm headed, of course. Again, surfing the Internet? Really? 

Or listening to music. What's so special about that? Not that extreme sports are all you're allowed to list on there, but again, listening to music? Really? 

Did you also say reading? The brightest answer I've ever gotten to that particular gem is: books. I kid you not, peeps. Books. Didn't assume you meant graffiti on restroom walls. Or the back of a soda can. So again, reading?

Then there was this one that casually mentioned 'watching TV'. 

I rest my case.

And oh - I did recruit the replacement, after all.

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