Tuesday, 14 August 2012


It's pretty amazing how technology has progressed. Sometimes, though, I have a firm belief that it's been planted there - part of a larger conspiracy theory - to drive me crazy. Has it happened to you - that feeling of accomplishment when aha! you've finally gotten the hang of something, and just when you're ready to gloat to the world and your pet goldfish, bam! you realise that that was so yesterday. C'mon. It has to have had.

With me, it's as natural as breathing.

Figured out how the digicam works, when we went and bought a new one. Which while supposedly similar, was also strikingly different.

And all those million beeping buttons on the microwave. One, do they really need to beep? Really? Why? And two, why are there so many? So while I've been using a microwave for years now, every time I chance upon one (say at a friend's, or at work) - it's back to where I'd started from. There's chances of someone making a round trip to the moon on their flying carpet before I figure out that one.

Ditto the washing machine. All those settings. After randomly hazarding a guess (or two. or several), I zap at a few dozen buttons, spin a few dials. Only to have at the end of a 42-minute cycle, either (a) my clothes as unwashed as they were when they first went in, (b) sopping wet, as I have clearly failed to successfully nudge the dryer settings, (c) hopelessly tangled, so that shirts with sleeves need out of necessity to be rendered sleeveless, if they are to be worn at all. Because that's the only way I'll be able to prise them away from their now conjoined twin, or (d) a combination of the above.

As for cell phones, let's not even go there.

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