Thursday, 9 August 2012


Or not.

To talk girl power, do we really need reservation? Be it at the workplace, for academics, or even something as mundane as a seat on the bus/ train - is it really necessary? On the one hand, we don't want to be seen as the weaker sex, but on the other, we're only too happy to have these uhh, privileges extended to us. I really, really dunno about that.

Take chivalry too - while sweet (and possibly reminiscent of a bygone era), should we really crib if not much of it comes our way these days? Are we really that (physically) weak that we are unable to open our own doors/ get out of cars/ have a handle on our own bags of grocery? I admit I've grumbled on numerous occasions to the significant other about this myself, about how chivalry is dead because he walked in ahead of me, pushing open the door, into our favourite restaurant. But that doesn't take away from the fact that really, did he need to hold open the door for me in the first place, or pull out my chair? After all, don't we claim to be equal in all respects?

I know I'm probably inviting the wrath of the Gods and scores of women too, with this post, but it's my blog, and my (unapologetic) view. I'm not sure I wanna be offered a seat unless I'm waddling onto a bus, carrying myself and that bun in the oven additionally. And yes, I pay my own bills - and I can open my own doors.

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