Friday, 10 August 2012


Relationships can be so fragile, she thought. One wrong move, and your world can come crashing down around you.

They were friends, having hit it off the moment they met. Rather, spoke over the phone for the first time. While the conversation couldn't have been described as sparkling in the social sense, it was laced with wit and a year's worth of humour tossed in. What she liked about him, she realised, was that he seemed to be unpretentious, not waxing eloquent on things he hadn't a clue about. A few more calls, a few more conversations, and meeting him became imperative. And so they did.

A few multiplied tenfold, and they were soon seeing each other. After having kissed quite a few frogs, she mused, this one was a keeper. And so their story unfolded.

If only, she later thought. If only she hadn't met Russell at work. If only they hadn't been thrown together on a few projects. If only that offsite at Goa hadn't happened. If only... all for that one impetuous, drunken night.

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