Thursday, 9 August 2012


Isn't that what bottles and cans of diet sodas shout out loud? I dunno how far that's even possible, because if something is pre-packaged and/ or processed, it does inherently contain some added evil that is invisible to the naked eye. And to supposedly make it otherwise, it's mentioned on the side of said container, in a font size that even the world's smallest book or whatever would refuse to acknowledge. But really, so - zero calories? What about the sundry other suspicious chemical-y stuff that went in to do away with the sugar? What about the possible side effects that just don't make their way onto the can? And by side effects, I mean the whole spectrum of damage, from something as simple (?) as tooth decay, to cancer causing somethings. Really, is it even worth it?

Since when did water - still/ sparkling/ otherwise - go out of fashion?

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