Friday, 10 June 2011


Remember when you learnt to drive a car at 18 (or 16, depending on the legal age where you are)? Your first encounter with another vehicle (a cab, in my case) which swore you off driving for a bit? Feeble attempts made over subsequent years, more off than on? If yes... read on!

Finally, at the insistance of the significant other, I did get back down to driving. Initially, it seemed like he was inventing ways to torture poor not-so-little me, but given that for this project his will power was stronger than mine, I did get behind the wheel after all. No negotiation. The total sweetheart that he is, he went all out to buy me an automatic (yay!), making my journey (literally!) easier than it would've been, given Mumbai's horrific driving conditions at the best of times. Really, changing gears on a manual is NOT the best way to spend your time in this city. Estimate this: for a six kilometre (or about 3.72 miles) stretch from home to work, it takes me *only* 40 minutes - one way. Sigh.

This is what the newbie looks like:

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