Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Normally, I stay away from this topic. Several happy ways to do this:
Ignore the newspapers that come in every morning.
Switch telly channels the minute you come across a newsy one.
Slink away from conversations that are remotely related to said subject. (Honestly, talking to cactii would be more productive, am sure.)
Nod intellectually with a very knowledgeable look (practice, baby, practice) should you be unable to avoid such conversation, and then quickly change the conversation to say, knitting, or film gossip.

But the news these days, I tell you! There's a circus going on, in the guise of politics, and how. Everyone and his cousin wants in on the political pie, and has been doing their very best to jump in. It's official: the caravan's overstuffed now. It's soooo In.Your.Face, you'd have to be totally lame (and some) to miss it. Time to stop paying for DTH, eh! :D

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