Friday, 10 June 2011


Dunno if it's just me, or is there zero quality to the movie reviews I read in the papers/ on the Net/ wherever else? This is what they normally read like:
Discuss the plot. In excruciating detail.
My take: I mean, c'mon! Had I wanted to read a synopsis, wouldn't I just go watch the damn film?! Why, why must the plot be disclosed virtually in entirety?

Next, the music score. This is either dissed or raved about. A song or two may be picked to the bone, especially if it's a typical Bollywood item number.
My take: Why, pray tell? Whatever happened to a fine discussion on the musical genre, the genius (if applicable) of the composer/ playback singers/ the acoustics at large?

Then, it's the turn of the cinematography. Direction. Production values. Background score. Technical aspects. Or wait... is it really?
My take: Where are these, for cryin' out loud? Why are these almost always forgotten?

For all those reviews out there, no, I don't wanna know the movie plot, I don't wanna know what actress X is wearing in item song Y, I don't wanna know how the story ends for goodness sake! What I would like to read about - seemingly impossible, I know - is an analysis more in depth, one that focuses more on the film making process, how it's translated on screen in that particular movie, and more information on the look and feel of the movie. Capiche?

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