Saturday, 28 May 2011


Once upon a long time ago in Cell Phone Land, there lived an Alphacell.

Now this handset resembled a cell phone less, and a cordless land line phone more. However, it was the sweetest, meekest phone to roam the Earth, almost like its predecessor, the Argentinosaurus some 90 - 100 million years ago. It was harmless, and did its basic job well. You really couldn't complain.

But then, as with everything else, enter E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N. And that brought in the Nocya. And another Nocya. Actually, quite a few Nocyas. Now this new species wasn't as peaceful as the Alphacell; its behaviour was more along the lines of the Spinosaurus - it was everywhere, and eventually became the undisputed King of Cell Phone Land.

However, technology wouldn't rest easy, and soon the Nocyas were nudged by the So-Knees of the world, and suddenly, Cell Phone Land looked a much brighter, happier place. There were multiple new species, loads of attractive new features and so many shiny wonderful handsets to choose from. Life suddenly got complicated. Of course, the So-Knees weren't the last in the chain...

...And enter the Blueberrys and other fruits! If anyone was floored by the existing inhabitants of Cell Phone Land, the newbies took competition to a new level altogether. Suddenly, there were price wars (gasp!), swankier features being churned out before you could say 'Cell Phone', newer versions being get it. Cell Phone Land was now super snazzy!

As one of those 'anonymous' quotes floating around goes: 'Life was much simpler when Blueberrys and other fruits were, well...just fruits'!

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