Monday, 23 May 2011


Circa 1980s: Enter newsreader. Bright red lipstick and rouge: check. Chiffon saree impeccably pinned to shoulder: check. Hair perfectly coiffed: check. Tight smile on face: check.
News read out deadpan. Nothing is too sensational, awe-inspiring, nail-biting or demands any sort of reaction, really. Minister so-and-so loses election. A facial muscle twitch should do it. Floods in x part of the world. A facial muscle twitch should do it. International honour bestowed on classical singer. A facial muscle twitch should do it.

2011: Enter newscaster. Flawless (if overdone) makeup: check. Business suit (with the brand flashing on ticker): check. Poker-straight hair: check. Expression on face: Can't say, really.
After all, it's all about the breaking news. OMG celeb so-and-so chipped a nail while at the spa today. Breaking news! The darling of all party circuits caught in an MMS scandal. Breaking news! Cricket season begins. Breaking news! A tree fell and blocked traffic for 2.5 hours. Breaking news! Mrs A from Apt. 4B in my apartment building chopped veggies for lunch today. Breaking news!

Really, now! Is there ANY sanctity left to the news at all?!

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