Friday, 27 May 2011


So woke up one morning and decided to start off with meditation. Experienced bliss. Hooked on for life. Hah! Now that would be a fib, and how!

This is actually how it started off.

Got introduced to this very warm and wonderful couple, aquaintances of the folks'. They are both deeply spiritual and religious, of course with both being mutually exclusive. (Which is what I like.) A few evenings at their place, some discussions on who we are, what are we doing here, what is our purpose in get the drift. Basic questions, maybe, but every time you visit them, you have a different view, a different answer. Then of course, there's karma. Without going into a crash course on spirituality (I'll leave that for another post), discovered with them that it's plain and simple wonderful to sit quiet and meditate.

This is how I go about it:
Dimmed lights
Air conditioner on
Diffuser with some pleasant aromatherapy oil (my current favourite's cinnamon)
Favourite CD (instrumental/ chants)
So all you have to do is have the above organised. Yes, it's comfortable. Yes, it's convenient, and at my convenience. Even a 15-minute meditation, with just myself for company is good. Sure there are times (most times, to be honest) when it's difficult to not think about anything, or clear my mind of every little thought, but that's okay. It's okay to have the random thought flit by, but it's more important to focus on your breathing, and soothe your mind with the music/ chants. (See, that's why you pick something restful.)

One day, I may take this a notch higher, where I may not need the music to calm me, I may not need the diffuser to waft a soothing aroma and I may not need the AC on to feel good. Until then, however, my brand of meditation works!

Try it, do!

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