Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Probably doesn't make too much sense as a blog post, but couldn't help smiling when I stumbled upon these collective nouns. (Gets even better in the head when you actually picture the said critters. Go on, try it!)

The Fun Loving Ones:
band of gorillas
cartload of chimpanzees (hee!)
parade of elephants
party of jays

The Meanies:
nuisance of (house) cats
rag of colts
unkindness of ravens

The Fancy Ones:
ascension of larks
exaltation of larks
culture of bacteria (ooh la la!)
kettle of hawks
storytelling of crows (as opposed to the more popular ‘murder’)
tidings of magpies
lounge of lizards (Don’t even want to go there – imagine a loungeful of them. Ick. Ick.)
clowder of cats
crèche of penguins
rumba of rattlesnakes
harem of seals
descent of woodpeckers (movie title-esque, eh?)

And here’s the more rowdy Downright Shady of the lot:
gang of elk
mob of emus/ kangaroos/ wallabies
murder of crows (moonlighting, for when they’re not ‘storytelling’)
skulk of foxes
deceit of lapwings
generation of vipers
sneak of weasels

And the Hardworking:
business of ferrets
memory of elephants
zeal of zebras

And the Structurally Sound:
tower of giraffes
tribe of goats
raft of otters
bed of oysters
parliament of owls (this one is so perfect!)

Those Aptly Described:
shrewdness of apes
glint of goldfish
prickle of hedgehogs
crash/ bloat of hippopotami
cry of hounds
charm of hummingbirds
paddling of ducks
congress of baboons (hahahahahaha!)
leap of leopards
mischief of mice
movement of moles
crash of rhinoceroses
ostentation of peacocks
scurry of squirrels
ambush of tigers

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