Wednesday, 9 May 2012


On social networking sites, that is. Telling (virtually) the (entire) world where you are, what you are doing there, whom you are with and your feelings/ thoughts at that time is de rigeur. I confess, I've done that numerous times myself, having even mentioned the reason I was, say, at a fancy restaurant. And to take it a step further, adding pictures while there.

All the reports on safety aside, I'm now thinking this: is it really vital for all the people on my 'friend list' to know this? Or somewhere, deep down inside all of us, is an exhibitionist just waiting to get out? You'll notice that not-so-cool geo tags don't make their way out there - but what would be perceived as upmarket, or just plain 'with-it' very much are. It's almost as if we seek approval (and maybe even applause and admiration) for what we do.

And oh, just so you know, as do my friends on a popular social networking site, I was at California Pizza Kitchen last evening, with a friend, M. Bah.

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