Saturday, 1 October 2011


Not necessarily in another life, but say you were to re-do/ un-do stuff in this one itself?

Rockstar? Actor? Scientist? Doctor? Engineer? Artist? Teacher? Spouse? Parent? Sportsperson? Entrepreneur? Salesperson? Financial guru? Writer? Horticulturist?

Hmm. So you picked one.


... somewhere, aren't we all (or most) of these things, at various life stages?
Aren't you a rockstar to the person(s) you matter to the most?
Aren't you the doctor who kisses those boo-boos away?
Aren't you the artist who works on those masterpieces that your parents proudly display on their living room walls?
Aren't you the financial guru who skillfully runs a home on a budget?
Aren't you the horticulturist who livens up a dreary room with a window box full of blooms? Aren't you the scientist, the engineer who thinks quick on your feet to come up with solutions to the most complex of (daily) concerns?
Aren't you the writer who painstakingly pens letters (okay, e-mails!) to stay in touch with those whom you care about?
Aren't you the sportsperson who sprints about from task to task, successfully juggling several activities at a time?
Aren't you the entrepreneur who works on your own new ventures?

Go on, don another hat today! Or maybe, just doffing it to yourself would suffice!

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