Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Yes, it's Diwali. Yes, it is festive. Yes, I am finally done with preparations. Of course, as usual, I'm sure I could've done more. In any case, too late now - it's a little past midnight, and here I am, channel surfing (a fruitless exercise, but being the eternal optimist,...) and blogging. And quickly sending/ replying to work mails, because...

... I am off on vacation. Hurrah! Yay! Yippee!

Nothing fancy, just the annual visit to the in-laws, but it's not reason to complain at all. Of course, will put up loads of pics while there *snort* when I'm back. Will blog regularly too. Okay, occasionally.

So what did I do to prep, anyway? Here's the list:
  • Cleaned house
  • Washed curtains/ changed bedlinen (which we do otherwise too, but it's almost mandatory at Diwali)
  • Put up the fairy lights and the kandeel, or paper lantern. (More on that later, remind me)
  • Piously lit diyas and placed outside the door (Again, more later)
  • Made chocolates. You think? Well, unfortunately this is the one thing that I didn't get down to doing. Sad. So bought these small pouches, bought chocolates, bought diyas and made up packages to give the neighbours. (You'll notice the malls love people like me - note the overuse of the word 'bought'.)
  • Bought gifts and wrapped them (LOVE that!), ready to give away with loads of warm Diwali wishes
That's more or less it.

So while I'm away (and possibly too lazy to blog), have a wonderful and safe Diwali, y'all out there!

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