Sunday, 6 September 2009


... What would I do without you?
Turn back the clock to a few years ago, when the kitchen was entirely alien territory to yours truly. (The hubby not-so-quietly opines that some things don't change, but that's for another post.) Had the BFF over to lunch one afternoon, and the trusting Mum left me to my own devices whilst she popped over to the market on her jaunt for veggies. One request she made was "put the rice on, three whistles should do it, before you can turn it off". Days of the pressure cooker, these. Uh-huh, so I look at the clock, turn on the gas stove and wait for the rice to happily cook itself. Some time later, and with no response in terms of the three promised whistles, am wondering what to do. Just then, the BFF walks in, and is informed of my query. Horrified, she learns that I've not put in any water in the cooker itself - turns out it's a situation (quite literally) waiting to explode! Seems you need to have water not only in the rice vessel itself, but also in the cooker... whew!
Today, my love affair with my rice cooker begins. No pressure cookers for me, but swear by this multi-purpose (it even steams veggies!) rice cooker instead.
Basic rice:
1 portion rice
2 portions water
Salt, butter/ ghee to taste (if you want to)
All you have to do is plug in the rice cooker and wait for the fragrant aroma to waft past... and that's it! Enjoy the rice!

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