Sunday, 6 September 2009


Dunno about spring, really, but got a spot of cleaning done today... Take that, evil dust mites!
Behind the refrigerator, the newspaper hamper, under the cupboards and the bed, the kitchen cabinets cleaned on the inside, the drapes, carpets and furniture vacuumed... I'm quite the proud houseowner at the moment. (Deserve a diamond tiara, too, methinks. Or at the very least, a ring.)
Clean, yes, but if I'm to look at the time - the best part of Sunday's vanished in the hum of the vacuum cleaner, the swish of the dustcloth. Still on the agenda: a trip to the supermarket to buy a week's worth of veggies and fruits.
Whoever said the working (and married) girl's life was easy? Stories to share, anyone?

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