Thursday, 14 February 2013


How many times have you thought about making that move - from your present comfortable job to say, turning entrepreneur? Mental math, back-of-the-envelope calculation, some serious number crunching later, you're still at squat. As are the most (?) of us. (As usual, I don't have statistics here. Ironic, given that I'm talking number crunching, don't you think?)

The thing is, you tend to be afraid. Afraid not so much of change per se, but just how much that change is going to dislodge your current fairly comfortable existence. It's about that security of the salary being credited into your bank account at the end of the month, versus a situation where, until you break even, you have losses staring you in the face. And bills to pay.

Take relationships. Those ones that aren't working anymore? How often do we just hang on to the threads, just hoping and praying that somewhere, somehow things will work out? We often fool ourselves into believing that things are fine, when they're about a few thousand years away from being so. All because to suddenly cut a person out of your life - a friend, a parent, a spouse - is a tough thing to do. And so we plod on.

Or on a girlier (yes! I made that word up!) note, a new hairdo. God forbid that long tresses are chopped short. Hello, they do grow back, y'know. Eventually. Or those highlights you've been dying to get, and envy anyone who seems to be carrying them off with so much aplomb - so much so your face turns an interesting shade of green, never mind whether your hair is coloured or not. You don't, because you're worried what the  significant other/ parent/ neighbour/ co-worker/ pet dog might say. Or worse, judge you.

Scary. That's the word. And so we shy away, take a step back, and dwell on what-might-have-been. Jump in, try something new today - it's a brand new day.

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