Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Who'd've thunk it?! Before we knew it, 2013 was upon us, and even sooner than that, we're one week into the new year. Whoa there, over enthusiastic twenty-thirteen!

Reminds me of when I was in school (no, nothing about those 'good old days' is coming up, so you can stop reaching out for that mouse already) - Moral Science class called for a list, one that was importantly full of New Year's Resolutions. In capitals, and heavily underscored too. I'd never know what to fill in, and invariably wind up every year with a very sketchy compilation, to be embellished after - casually, of course - taking a peek at the neighbour's laundry list. And maybe the person thankfully seated behind me. Or even two rows ahead. Anything, really, to plump up a list that would vaguely be along the lines of:
- I will clean up my cupboard without Mum reminding me to.
- I will do my homework every evening before I go out to play.

Guilt (from the aforementioned plumped-up lists) would then make me add:
- I will help Mum set/ clear away the table at dinner (which the sister and I did already, just that it made for good copy. Also added a halo or two.)
- I will dust the furniture.
- I will not fight with my friends.

Gawd. You'll realise that making resolutions was never my forte. Let's not even get into discussing actually sticking them out. That does not make polite conversation. Believe me.

Growing up (and with Moral Science class behind me), the easiest thing to do was to politely ha-ha them so-what-will-be-your-resolution-this-year-then questions away, something I continue to do even today.

It's a far better deal to pitch in with the good stuff as and when you see the need for it, isn't it, instead of a stuffy old resolution that you are (possibly forced to) keep, with no real result at the end of the day. 

That said, wish you a very happy 2013 (seeing that clearly the world didn't end), and have a wonderful year ahead. Cheers!

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