Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Okay, so I'm touching upon what is a sensitive topic - religion. A disclaimer before I begin: in no way is this post meant to disrespect, defile, question, ridicule or put down any religion, community or sect in any manner. It's just that I do have (strong) views on the same, and hey, this is my blog, right? So.

I'd been doing a bit of thinking lately - in part due to my sudden interest in religion and spirituality - and had consequently picked up a couple of books to read. As with any good book, these two piqued my interest for the subject, and upped my curiosity to explore further. I found myself online, scouring the Internet for more information. Of course, I do agree that it may not be the best place to look for authentic information always, but hey, at least it's a fair starting point, right?

Why blurry lines? Because whatever bit of reading I got through, put these snippets of information forward: religion is more about a way of life, and does not entirely have to do with God as a concept. There are prescribed texts that guide one to what is the ideal (I will not use the word 'coorect' here) path, and how best one should lead their life. Yes, there naturally is a God/ Supreme Being/ Energy, but that isn't to be confused with how one should treat family/ neighbours/ perfect strangers. A God (if you will) is to be looked up to, to be worshipped, yes, but is definitely not a force that promotes or encourages behaviour that is remotely even anti-social, or that goes against basic human principles, or humanity.

At least, folks, that's my takeaway. What I want to do now is read some more, understand the reasons behind belief systems/ values/ customs/ conventions that different religions prescribe. But there's one thing that I've understood loud and clear: if religion isn't distorted beyond belief, it is a good way to go.

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