Monday, 9 April 2012


While there have been stories to tell - and consequently loads to blog - I know I've not been doing the best job marrying the two recently. The thing is, the head's full of home renovation plans - paint, furniture, new windows, carpeting... and this is my cue to melt into one gasping puddle of ecstasy. =) Life. Just. Took. Such. A. Fun. Turn.

Will soon be back, with stories from the past few weeks, and from home renovation too. Pictures as well, of course. After all, what's life without a little loads of colour?

P.S.: Here's a quick dekko into the past few weeks, while I'm at it - Some lovely fabric (for clothes) shopping has been done! And a few fun crafts for a very close friend's son also worked upon (uh, okay, only in my head as of now). Books have been purchased! A couple of weekend getaways with the significant other have happened! Ah.

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