Saturday, 3 March 2012


Okay, bizarre for a post, I agree. But really, does age have anything to do with one's liking for specific fonts? Random thought that just struck me, really.

If I quickly look back a few some years, back in school, Comic Sans MS was my Absolutely Favourite Font. And how. Everything just had to be typed out in Comic. A few years later, in Junior College (grades XI and XII), Comic Sans MS had still not lost its sheen. Much. However, Comic shared space with Garamond. And also that kinda twirly Monotype Corsiva. And then came handwriting, in the form of Lucida Handwriting. Ironic, seeing that by this time, I'd all but forgotten how to actually hand write even a letter for the most part.

And then I grew up, out of college and into Business School. Among the many things that a management education taught us, it also introduced us to the - gasp! - plainer, sober Ariel and Times New Roman. Buh-bye, Twirly; see-you-almost-never-again, Comic.

Observation: Either (a) I am getting old *shudder*, (b) I clearly have more time on my hands than I should - and in which case I should go sort out my wardrobe that's been (ineffectively) hollering for attention these past few months weeks, or (c) I need a rest, seeing that my brain is obviously over-wired.


So do you have a uhh, font fetish? (Yes, yes, we're still a 'U' rated blog.)

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