Friday, 2 September 2011


...after some zillion and one days of rain. Hurrah for the bright blue skies and shiny green leaves!
Let's make a list (oooh!) of sun-filled likes:
1. No damp
2. The dog stays dry (not that I have one, unfortunately)
3. So do the rugs and carpets (these I do)
4. No fungus/ suspicious ugly growths on walls (this itself makes it worthwhile)
5. Dry footwear (bring on the strappy sandals, do!)
6. No ruined pedicures (and ergo pretty feet)
7. No stupid umbrellas that overturn at the slightest hint of a breeze (and get you wet in the rain, bah)
8. No frizzy hair (close to the non-appearance of fungus, close)
9. No excuse to not go on my evening walks (wait, wrong list...)

Unrelated, but stay tuned for a festival update!

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