Friday, 19 August 2011

Honestly, amazes me just how people are gluttons for punishment. How they can listen to insults, get tossed about by random anyones, and generally be treated as life form even lower than pond scum. Really, now.

One arguement might have to do with circumstances. Or so they'd want you to believe. But what happens, in that case, to being the Master Of Your Own Destiny? Can you, as an individual, not decide what direction your life is going to take? Or do you meekly accept what is, as-is? Sure, life isn't always fun (never mind the proverbial bed of roses), and there are times when you go, why me? But should you spend all your time whining why me, and do nothing about it, arrrrghhhhhh... now that I just don't comprehend!

Which brings me to self-respect. Even an ounce of that goes a long way. How can anyone take that away from you, huh? Again, I have no answer, but find it impossible to believe that you can be convinced that you're a waste of space on Earth.

Or is it easy to speak when you're on the other side - wanted, loved and secure in your knowledge of that? When you know that there are times when you will be down, but bounce right back you will.

My thoughts, these... what are yours?

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