Sunday, 31 July 2011


So we're in the middle of watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the nth time, when suddenly Hermione peers out at us from this gloomy, mud-coloured screen. That she's also eerily outlined (for want of a better word) in orangy-yellowish squiggles really doesn't help her case. Or rather, the telly's. Panic. Mad rush to the TV to switch off the mains, count to ten, and switch the TV back on again, silently sending up prayers to the Telly God. Apparently though, he's rather miffed with us: twelve hours later, Hermione still looks the same. Sigh.

Reach out for the laptop, Google Samsung India's helpline, and listen to Tinny IVR Lady for the longest time, before getting connected to "Hello, Ma'am, this is Whatsisname, how may I help you?". Turns out that the 'help' will arrive only after 24 hours, so until then, we have other forms of entertainment to choose from for today:
  • Listen to music.
  • Read. (Ah. Music to my ears, I don't need the radio now, really)
  • Paint. (Damn, where did that canvas get to?)
  • Take a walk in the rain. Hmm, maybe towards evening.
  • De-clutter my wardrobe. Uh, yeah, sure. *whistles loudly, looking skywards*
  • Just spend time chatting with the significant other. Now this can be done!
  • Cook. Err, rain check! Rain check!

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