Thursday, 3 February 2011


Step 1: Go to Chandigarh.
Step 2: Drive down to Sukhna Lake. Evenings preferable.
Step 3: Park car, get down and walk to the lakeside. And walk some more.
Step 4: Spot ducks/ geese, like this: "Ah, look! There's a duck/ goose!"
Step 5: Wait for friendly neighbourhood (rather, lakeside) kid to stop by with paper cones full of peanuts. (Doesn't take too long.)
Step 6: Ask price of peanuts. Go bug-eyed at the sheer robbery, but buy anyway. (Look longingly at the ducks/ geese, and kiss your chances of haggling on price good-bye.)
Step 7: Shell out kid's asking price. Grab paper cone.
Step 8: Get attacked by (seemingly perpetually) hungry ducks/ geese.
Step 9: Unravel paper cone in haste. Toss peanuts to said quackers.(Else risk getting attacked to the accompaniment of obnoxiously loud quacking.)
Step 10: Pose for photograph(s).

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